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Hiking on Heimaklettur and Gott restaurant

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning, hiking on top of Heimaklettur.

We woke up early and took a walk into the town center. I´m  prepering for a new walking tour for this summer for my new website lavawalk.com. Then we just decided to go hiking.

The weather was so good, not so much wind and a bright day.


Heimaklettur is our biggest and oldest mountain here on Westman Islands. Sometimes we call it the rock. It is about 283 m. high and 40 þ. years old.

It is one of our famous landmark and a sign of home for us Islanders.

Hiking Heimaklettur
Hiking Heimaklettur

Heimaklettur is very popular to visit and some people go there every day.  Some people use it as an exercise going up there. Others just go there to enjoy the view and being outdoors.

It is a good custom to write in the guestbook, and then you can see how many went up that day.  On easter day there were 60 people who went hiking in a beautiful wether.

fishing boat

Just standing up there, watching the boats coming in the harbour and going out fishing, or just looking over the town is so great and peaceful.

Beautiful veiw

There are few residents on the rock that welcomes you up there.  If you want to make new friends, you take a bread with you and they like you a lot :)

Icelandic sheap
Icelandic sheep
Icelandic sheep

After the visit on the top of Heimaklettur we were a little hungry, it was already lunch time and we were feeling healthy. We decided to go to Gott restaurant.

Gott restaurant

Gott is a family run restaurant and serves delicious healthy foods. The owners Sigurður Gíslason and Berglind Sigmarsóttir are so gifted and talented.

Sigurður was in the national team and has also worked in Clairfontaine in  France, Charlie Trotters in Chicago, Ferry House Bahamas and was the head chef on Vox, Hilton Nordica.

Berglind has published two best sellers cook books with healthy recipes, I completely love those books, they have also been published in Germany.

master chef in Iceland
Gott books

We got a warm welcome from Berglind and Siggi when we came to their restaurant. Berglind was servicing us and she recommended the veggie burger for me, it was new on the menu and it is selling like crazy.

She was right….. OMG  I thought I was close to heaven on top of Heimaklettur  but this was heavenly good….   :)  and I felt very healthy afterwards :)

Healthy food

And my fiance, the sailor he wanted the fish of the day, that was Langa. And of course Siggi made it perfectly.

restaurant in Westman islands

Guess were we got the coffee…. :)

What a great feeling after hiking the rock, enjoying such a great lunch and in the end of course smelling the aroma of a great coffee afterwards :)



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