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The Wedding in Álsey

Last summer were invited to a unique and a stand out wedding. It took place in Álsey, that is one of our small islands  around Westman Islands.

It was so amazing that I just have to tell you about it.  The bride Guðrún Hjörleifsdóttir and the groom Grímur Gíslason got married on 18. July 2015.

pick up for the wedding

The meeting point was in our black beach Klaufin. There is our ride coming to pick us up. I just felt like an adventure was coming up….. :)

Álsey, small Island

Some were already there and could just relax in the gras and watched the people coming up to the island from the boat.

The groom was the first man you met and he helped you the first steps, it was a little slippery, but not so difficult… :)

Small Islands

This is the view from the island over to Westman Islands…. How beautiful is that.. :)

And the fun part is, that if you look closely you can see that Eldfell our newest volcano is missing on the picture…

This View is the same as before  the eruption in 1973. You can´t see Eldfell or the new lava. That is very heart warming  for the older Islanders…. The memory of how it used to be :)

getting ready for the wedding
wedding refreshments

There is a lot of preparation, when you are getting married on an Island. You can´t forget anything, you can´t run to the store and get it, if it´s missing :)

The clothes, flowers and of course food and drink and everything else that you need for a wedding.

Island wedding

The waiting before the ceremony…. the joy and excitement and of course a little stress…. :)

Just look at the bride to be…. so beautiful with the flowers she picked from the Island

The groom

And the groom and the best man ready and waiting…. :)

walkin down the isle

And the ceremony begins… their daughters are walking her down the isle.

Island wedding
Wedding rings
wedding in the nature
The wedding kiss

It was just a beautiful ceremony in the beautiful nature that we are so lucky to have…

The happy couple
Family photo at the wedding

What a beautiful family …. and big… :)

Wedding refreshments
Sparkling champagne

The tasty appetizers from Gott restaurant and of course some Champagne…. :)

Streaming wedding

Fun to say that the ceremony was streamed all the way to Australia because one of Grímur son was there and couldn´t be at the wedding.

relaxing wedding
wedding in Álsey



It was a little adventure getting on and off the island. Not so difficult and so much fun. 🙂 The incredible nature over there had almost created stairs for us …. 🙂

wedding in Álsey
wedding in Álsey
Wedding in Álsey

Then we had to leave the Island after this remarkable time there, but the fun was not over yet.

The newly wed
Celebraiting with flairs

After arriving in the harbour in Westman Islands we just had a little time to clean up and put on our party clothes, because the party was just starting…. :)

wedding party
wedding party

The bride and groom arriving at their wedding feast… It took place in Eldheimar, our new volcano museum, a remembrance of the eruption 1973,

there you can see a house that has been excavated from the lava and all the history about that time.

The theme of the dinner was fresh fish and of course the brilliant chef Sigurður Gíslason from Gott restaurant made it awsome… :)

The wedding chef

Here is one of me with my mother in law … :) Everybody was having such a great time.

Happiness….. :)


And the happiness went on trough the bright summer night  :)

The midnight sun
wedding bevereges

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