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Enjoy hiking and getting to know Vestmannaeyjar?

This hiking tour is a great way to get to know the volcanic history of the island and get in touch with the nature. The view over the island is beautiful and amazing.

If you are looking for an unforgetable hiking trip for your group then the Westman Island hiking tour is the thing to do. It gives you an experience of a beautiful nature and education of one of Iceland’s biggest natural disaster, and a glimpse into people’s lives during the eruption in 1973.


Tour details

Duration: 2-2.5 hours plus Eldheimar

Time: Various

Price :

  • Adults 5,900  ISK

Minimum 10 persons per group 

Maximum 24 persons per group

The tour information and what is included:

  • We start the tour from the harbor
  • We walk over Skansinn and over the new lava from the eruption from 1973
  • Walking on the edge of the new lava gives a great view over the town
  • We go up the volcano
  • Then we end the tour in Eldheimar Museum where you get the complete store (the admission is included in our price). There you get an Iphone that guides you through the museaum and you can go on your own speed. The guide leaves you there to enjoy.

Westman Islands with a local guide