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Westman Islands Restaurants

Let us handle booking a table for you at one of the great Westman Islands restaurants.  Just fill out the form here below and we’ll take care of things for you.

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Westman Islands Restaurants

Westman Islands Restaurants

Westman Islands Restaurants


GOTT restaurant is situated in town center. GOTT’s specialities are healthy and fresh courses.

Booking westman Islands


Tanginn is a family-friendly restaurant situated by the harbour in Westman Islands. Perfect Westman Islands Restaurants experience.



Canon is an authentic Asian restaurant in the heart of town.

Westman Islands Restaurants


Slippurinn is a family-run restaurant by the harbour open only during the summer season. Fresh seafood everyday.

Booking westman Islands

Einsi Kaldi

Einsi Kaldi’s chefs specialities are making exotic dishes from natural resources in and around the Westman Islands.

Westman Islands

900 Grill

900 Grill is a restaurant for all the family and serves everything from pizzas and hot dogs to steaks and langoustine.

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Vöruhúsið is a good family restaurant offering pizzas, hamburgers and steaks.

Booking westman Islands

Varmó Café

Kaffi Varmó is a friendly coffeshop where you can get freshly baked goodies and food like Icelandic people make in their homes.