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We offer boat trips to Elliðaey where you´ll step into the wonders of the uninhabited island. Elliðaey is the third largest island in Vestmannaeyjar, 0.45 km2 and is known for its unusual seabird colonies. Sometimes you can even see storm petrels, a very  friendly  seabird and the smallest of the seabird species. Its largest breeding land in Iceland is in Elliðaey.

We will sail you to the island Elliðaey where you´ll  go ashore  and a guide from our partner, Eyjatours, will tell you all the secrets of the island. You´ll  be able to explore the wildlife both from land and sea.

You´ll stay as long as you like on the island and we can even arrange that you get beverages and food during your stay. This trip usually takes around three hours and  of course we will also sail you back to Heimaey.

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