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Hi, I am Auður, a local here in Westman Islands

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Olá, my name is Auður and I want to welcome you to my travel blog…. But I´m not going anywhere… ☺ I´m here to introduce you to my beautiful hometown, Westman islands .




This is all about my home town and me trying to show you all about the fun things we are doing here and of course proudly showing you the beautiful nature that I get to see here every day.



I´m a nurse and I love my job. I love meeting and taking care of people and being there when people need me. But I also love my island and the nature and after working also as a guide last summer, I just new what I wanted to do. So I´m taking a big step to change my life and I started a traveling agency with my fiance. What a great way to be out of the hospital in the summertime and still being able to meet great people.


Our wish is to give people
personal and local experience
visiting us in Westman Islands.




This year I started a great walking tour where we go through our town, and also getting to know the history of our new lava and volcano. It´s a budged friendly way to experience the island and getting fun storys´ and knowing the big history that the Westman Islands have. In the end of the tour you will get to pet a live puffin…. :)