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Westman Islands

Eyjatours and Ribsafari celebration

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I have to say that I have the best job in the world. Not only that Im going on walks with fun people, but I also have a travel agency

with my fiancé and we are organising all kinds of trips over to the Island.

We want People to have a the most out of their visit.  So I just have to tell you about last Saturday,

I had the best Saturday ever when I was invited to the Eyjatours and Ribsafari celebration.

It was a sunny day and quite warm, it just felt like summer was here. But the fun started at lunch time for me…..  :)

westman Islands

In the end of May and beginning of June there will be many school groups visiting Westman Islands.

I´m planing their visit to Westman Islands and putting together some fun activity and planing their whole stay here.

I was thinking of offering them to Canton for lunch on one of the day that they are here.

Canton has a new chef working there and they were so great letting us try out some dishes that would be good for this age of school kids.

 So I could just choose, from many dishes and got to taste it all.

The food was so fantastic that Im definitely going back there. I just did not know about all the  many

great things they are offering on their menu.

Westman Islands

Westman Islands


My daughter came with me and she just loved it. Haraldur Rögnvaldsson the owner came and talk to us and all the staff was just so nice and friendly.

The restaurant it self is new and very well organised, so they can have big groups for a visit.

After this great visit I just did not want to go home, because the wether was so great.  So I walked down to the dock and sat down with some friends

at Tanginn restaurant.

Westman Islands


We just sat there and watched the boats come in and the people  walking by. But then I got offered to go on a

Ribsafari boat tour as a guide and of course I said yes to that.

Westman Islands

Westman Islands


This is their newest boat Ölduljón that we met on the tour… What a beauty… :). I think the wether was just right cause the sea was just so still.

Those boats go very  fast  and are just so fun. They play fun music while we are sailing very fast. But in between we stop and admire the beautiful

nature, the cliffs and the birdlife.  We where also so lucky to see the head of a seal coming up from the sea, how cute was that…. :)

Westman Islands


And of course we saw the biggest elephant in the world, up close and personal…. :)  the view was just so fantastic,

It is getting quite famous our ,,pet” the elephant.

It is one of our greater landmark. It is fun to tell you, that we met two Australians

last weekend that came all this way  to Iceland, just to see the elephant head.


Westman Islands


As you can see we were having FUN…. :)


Westman Islands

Westman Islands


This is our captain mr. Stjáni Ninon. He is a legend here in Westman Islands for his physical strength and knowledge of the nature.

He can tell you a lot of story´s about the Islands and the wild life around it. He is also the father of Himmi Ninon who is one of the founder of Ribsafari

in Westman Islands and is now the director of the company.

It is just so great sailing around in the fresh air an feeling the Wind in your hair… :)

So the next thing was the celebration…


Westman Islands


Eyjatours and Ribsafari have just built new houses for their companies on the dock. They are really making the area looking so much better. So they wanted to

have a little celebration of that the houses were ready. So we started at the dock having some drinks while people where getting together.


Westman Islands


There is Iris one of the owner of Eyjatours and Sæbjörg from Ribsafari and me:) There we are inside the Eyjatours house


Westman Islands


This is inside the Ribsafari house…


Westman Islands


This is inside the Eyjatours house…

As you can see both houses have been done very well and thought of comfort for the traveller…  where there is always time for a hot cup of coffee

or some other drinks… :)



Westman Islands


After everybody were ready we went to Slippurinn Resaurant.  Slippurinn is in a building that previously hosted the Magni Machine Workshop.

The workshop used to service the old ship yard by the harbour behind the building and is the oldest cast concrete building on the island.

Their serve food that is fresh, sustainable & local like they say. They source all of our produce locally. They cook from the seasons and change the menu depending on them.

They buy ingredients straight from the farmers, fishermen and small producers and harvest locally.  But we just started with a cocktail:)


Westman Islands

Westman Islands

Everybody were having fun. The food was amazing… we had a five-course meal… It was just heavenly good…

The fish was so fresh and the meat was just right.

And there was so many fun things to taste… was all so new…

the flavour was like surprising in some of the dishes…


Westman Islands


Some one just told me that if you can see in to the kitchen then it is gourmet…..  That fits Slippurinn :)


Westman Islands


Even the famous and talented chef came out to speak to us, that was not to spoil the night… :)


Westman Islands


And we just kept on going having some fun… :)


Westman Islands

Westman Islands


Himmi Ninon and me…


Westman Islands


And the group…    Iris what …….????