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Einsi Kaldi

A visit to Einsi Kaldi restaurant

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We can easily say that nowhere in the world are more greater restaurants in a such a small place as Westman Islands. We can choose from many fine dining restaurants, take away places and places called shoppa´s. There are about 29 places here that you can choose from where you can get something to eat.


Im going to take you to some of those places- starting with Einsi Kaldi restaurant.




The owner, Einar Björn Árnason, has been our friend for many years. He is an excellent chef and a great guy but the only bad thing we can say about him is that he’s an Arsenal fan….. 😉 But we can always count on being served great food and getting great service there.




We went there with our friends Einar Birgir and Iris the owners of Eyjatours, and as usual the waiter gave us a big warm welcome. The chef Einsi Kaldi came and talk to us and dared us to take the wild card, the chef´s special. Oh my! What a great journey that was!




We had several starters, Peking duck for main course and caramel crème brulee for desert. And served with one of the best Irish coffee that we have ever tasted :)




It made the evening unique that we got to taste the beer that is brewed here on the island especially for the restaurant. That is something for a real beer lovers to try. But that is a whole other story that I will tell you all about later.




If you want to try out Einsi Kaldi for yourself, we offer a free restaurant booking service.